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The Team

       The employees of Farcont LTD have long-term experience in the transportation services market. The company’s history totals a little more than four years, but the majority of our employees have a much longer experience in cargo transportation services. We employ specialists, who spearheaded the origins of container business in Ukraine in the mid-1990s. Moreover, we seek to draw young and promising employees into our team, who are supervised by our skilled experts.

Our advantages:

  • the most advantageous rates in the market
  • efficiency in order executions
  • stable first-class performance
  • individual approach to each and every client
  • optimal transit time of cargo delivery

We offer:

  • designing of the most effective transportation plans
  • flexible individual tariffs
  • optimal transit time
  • continuous control of the delivery and conditions of all the cargos entrusted to us

       Working in such a complicated field as cargo transportation, transshipment and storage is connected with many difficulties, which are unseen at first sight. That is precisely why consulting professionals is a reasonable solution which helps you to save your time and money and also to avoid unpleasant surprises. The employees of Farcont LTD are always pleased to cooperate with you! We will deliver your cargo to the point of destination exactly in the required time!

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0038 048 734-26-20
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E-Mail: info@farcont-project.com.ua
E-Mail: sales@farcont-project.com.ua

65023 Ukraine, Odessa,
32 Nezhinskaya Str.,
office 22

067 635-19-02
E-Mail: sales@farcont.com.ua

49065 Ukraine, Dnepr,
8В B. Khmelnickogo Ave.,
office 57

0038 044 495-56-88
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02002 Ukraine, Kiev,
23 Evgena Sverstuka Str.
office 918

067 766 32 22
E-Mail: sales@farcont.com.ua

Ukraine, Mariupol
85 Admirala Lunina Ave.,
office 501

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Our company offers the bulked small cargo transportation service.