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       Our documents and certificates.

Container dimesions

       Characteristics of different types of shipping containers: standard 20-ft container, standard 40-ft container, 40-ft High Cube container and also Open Top and Flat Rack containers. Dimensions, door sizes, capacity and maximum cargo weight.


       International rules of the interpretation of the most broadly used commercial terms in the field of foreign trade

Table of distances between different cities of Ukraine

Технические характеристики флэкситанков

       Представлены все основные характеристики флекситанков используемых нашей Компанией.

Расчет фрахтовой ставки


0038 048 734-26-20
0038 048 734-26-21

65014 Ukraine, Odessa,
4 Yuriya Oleshi Str.,
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0038 044 495-56-88


02002 Ukraine, Kiev,
1B Vadima Getmana Str.

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Small Cargo

Our company offers the bulked small cargo transportation service.