Project Cargo Transportation Service

project cargo odessa, project cargo transportation odessa

Cargo transportation in flexitanks

Our company offers the bulked cargo flexitanks’ transportation service.

Customs Broker Services

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Bonded Warehouse Service

Most often, cargo supply chain are not limited by sea. A cargo has to be delivered from production site to loading port, as well as from unloading port to the destination point. Thus, the movement of goods usually includes shipment and transfer from one transportation mode to the other, as well as related to this process products consolidation and storage.

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Forwarding in Ukraine

Forwarding (Ukraine) is a necessary and extremely important issue for international companies. If you have a deal with companies from different countries you will definitely face to the need of forwarding agent (Ukraine). Actually there is a wide assortment of forwarders in Ukraine, though as practice shows, not each of them fulfils own obligations. Risk can be not always reasonable, so think twice what company to choose and rely on.

We offer safe and secure business-for-business to those companies who estimate partnership. Our company is considered to be one of the best forwarders (Ukraine). When using our service you get professional cargo transportation at reasonable prices and with company guarantees. We provide all kinds of forwarding, from transportation by trucks or railways to container shipping (Ukraine). International container shipping service is widely spread everywhere today. It's the most comfortable and not so expensive way for cargo freight. That's why Odessa port forwarding is very popular. A lot of clients give their preference exactly to the sea transportation. Odessa, Mariupol, Ilyichevsk port forwarding are main container shipping services offered to Farcont customers.

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Small Cargo

Our company offers the bulked small cargo transportation service.