Container transportation by sea, road and rail

International Full Container forwarding service

       Full Container freight forwarding service (FCL) - one of the main field of our business.

        At present we can server our customers in ALL container terminals operated in Ukraine:

  • ODESSA Port: CTO Ukraine terminal, Bruklyn Port terminal
  • CHERNOMORSK Commercial Port container terminal
  • CHERNOMORSK Fishing Port Container Terminal
  • YUZHNYY port: TIS Terminal
  • RENI Port

        As freight forwarding company we have long term contracts relations with all main global ocean carriers presented in Ukraine.

        For FCL inland delivery within Ukraine, Belarus and CIS countries we deploy:

  • Our own and our verified subcontractor trucking fleet including 54 container trucks EURO 5
  • Railways container platforms for railway delivery as we registered railways forwarder
  • Our own ports operation offices for timely and qualified handling and documentation performance including Delivery Order, CMR, TIR CARNET and RAILWAY BILLS issuing.

        Your every single container is always unique for Farcont Project LLC team.

        For any inquiries please apply

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Small Cargo

Our company offers the bulked small cargo transportation service.