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Cargo customs clearance

       Customs clearance of cargo is a complicated and tiresome process, especially for a person who is not experienced in all the niceties of the custom legislations of different countries. By-turn, low-quality cargo customs clearance services can result in long-term delays and even cargo arrest. Cargo customs clearance must undoubtedly be carried out by experts, who are juridically well grounded and highly experienced in this paper work field.

       Farcont Project LLC provides cargo customs clearance services in Ukraine and other countries of the world. Cargo customs clearance outside Ukraine is carried out by means of our partners in different countries, who also posess great experience in working with their countries’ customs services. Cargo transportation and forwarding by Farcont Project LLC is accompanied by a set of professional cargo customs clearance services, which includes:

  • execution of import, export and transit cargo declarations and also all the required documentation for undergoing customs control of different countries of the world
  • providing of any reference or consulting information on the client’s demand
  • obtaining of appropriate certificates for all types of cargo
  • realization of accreditation of economic activity entities in customs authorities of different countries
  • possibility of corrections and other operational activities in out-of-staff mode of work to ensure maximum speed of undergoing customs control
  • clearance of cargo

     Customs clearance with Farcont Project LLC will save you from additional efforts of undergoing customs control of different countries of the world. Freight forwarding by Farcont Project LLC assures not only actual cargo transportation but also settlement of any difficulties with documentation, container loading and unloading and other nuances, about which you will not need to worry while cooperating with Farcont Project LLC.

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