Cargo transportation in flexitanks

       At present Farcont Project LLC offers to its clients the possibility of transporting fluid cargos in specially equipped 20-ft containers with application of soft tanks or so called flexitanks.

       A flexitank is a type of package used for storing and transporting of safe fluids and is intended to be installed into 20-ft containers. A standard flexitank consists of 4 inner shells of alimentary polyethylene and an external shell of polypropylene fabric. We offer flexitanks of different sized ranging from 14 cbm to 24 cbm depending on the specific density of the product meant for transportation; also the maximum capacity of the 20-ft container is taken into account.

       The utilization of flexitanks permits to considerably decrease cargo storage and transportation costs. It is possible owing to the flexitank’s low cost value, convenience of disposition, loading speed and effective exploitation of fluid weight.

       The applicable equipment possesses all the necessary certificates and properties which ensure secure and safe fluid cargo transportation. Both alimentary and chemical cargos are accepted for transportation.

Full scope of our FLEXITANKS service includes:

  • Supplying FLEXITANKS from our stock in Odessa.
  • Empty 20FT containers inspection and its preparation to prevent FLEXITANKS damage
  • FLEXITANKS installation into empty 20FT container according to producers and shipping lines reguirements
  • Containers loading process supervision at the place of loading by our experts
  • Third party responsibility Insurance for every single containers

To see instalation photos:


       The packaging arrangement of 20-ft marine containers with flexitanks is done at the Odessa container depot by skilled specialists following all the necessary regulations and techniques.

               Please address with all your questions about fluid cargo transportation in flexitanks.

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