Less than container load transportation (LCL)

Our company offers less than container load transportation services.

       “Small” does not mean “not valuable”. Even small-scale cargos may be quite significant and important, but renting an entire container or wagon for transportation is, obviously, unreasonable. In this case it is more efficient to make use of occasional shipments or to select a vehicle heading to your cargo’s point of destination as soon as possible. We will assist you in transporting of small lots of cargo at the price which corresponds to its volume and weight, notably:

  • choosing the space for your cargo in an “mixed consignment” container or in a vehicle for less than container load or small lot cargo transportation
  • supervising the positioning and fixation of the cargo in the vehicle/container
  • ensuring that your cargo is separated from all other cargo, which could possible damage your goods or reduce their quality
  • providing quick loading, unloading and delivery of LCL cargo
  • informing you about the cargo’s location and condition on your demand

       Even small lots of cargo, entrusted to Farcont Project LLC will be delivered in the first place!

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Small Cargo

Our company offers the bulked small cargo transportation service.