Project Cargo Transportation Service

Out-of-gauge and over-sized cargo transportation

         Out-of-gauge cargo transportation is a specific sector of the transportation business, which calls not only for great experience and appropriate knowledge, but also for specialized equipment, including equipment for loading and unloading. Unconventional cargo transportation involves unconventional requirements to cargo stowage on vessel, truck or train conveyor platforms.

       Out-of-gauge and over-sized cargo transportation with Farcont Project LLC means, in the first place, the development of special conditions and individual transportation plans for each and every lot of oversized cargo. Usually different machinery falls into the category of out-of-gauge cargo; that is why the transportation conditions must guarantee that all the mechanisms in the hauled piece of equipment are intact and undamaged. Farcont Project LLC know how to achieve guaranteed safe transportation conditions even for the most complex cargos.

         Our company’s out-of-gauge cargo transportation services include the following procedures:

  • calculating and drawing a logistics plan for out-of-gauge cargo transportation (from affirmation of plans for fastening of cargo to the order of loading and unloading)
  • creation and development of special transportation solutions for each lot of cargo separately
  • special hardware installation for out-of-gauge cargo transportation, if required
  • the loading and unloading are carried out using exclusively special equipment, which ensures that cargo transshipment be carried out safely and in one piece
  • customs clearance and execution of all the required documents for oversized cargo during customs control

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