Bonded Warehouse Service

Bonded Warehouse Service

       Farcont Project LLC provides full package of warehouse & logistics service including reloading into standard Liners and Shippers own containers:

  • wheat grain
  • barley
  • soya beans
  • raps seeds
  • sorghum in bulk and in bags
  • yellow peas
  • soya beans meal
  • sunflower seeds meal and cakes
  • sunflower oil in bulk (flexitanks)
  • pellets in bulk

       The package of service includes:

  • empty containers depot
  • reloading from trucks and/or wagons info containers
  • cargo weight survey by trucks and wagons weight bridges
  • containers door bulk-head installation
  • laden containers re-weighting
  • laden containers delivery from the warehouse to nearest ports terminals
  • warehouse storage within 15 days free
  • Fumigation
  • Export Customs Declaration
  • Phytosanitary Certificates issuing
  • Certificates of Origin issuing
  • loading port formalities passing

       Warehouse capacity for covered storage simultaneously - 1000 tons.

       Upon customers request we provide cargo packing in bags, big-bags, liner bags.

       For any questions regarding our Warehouse service please apply

Completed projects gallery

1. Pipes handling (export to India).

2. Sugar and Skimmed Milk Powder in bags handling (export).

3. Wheat grain and Sunflower meal.

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